part 1

What I knew and what I felt? I make myself wonder every time I see the red sunset being dipped in this wast sea. It kept me wondering fading myself deep inside the red and into those memories that bothered me till now and perhaps long after it will. I turned to the waters at my feet the reflection shatters away, with every wave and with every tear drops of mine gushing out without my permission. How could I deny them? for every drop reminds me of her and the emptiness left inside.? I could remember her. Every single bit of her. The smile you gave me the first time., the hair on your eyes you kept on moving it back, those soft hand that took all my tears away, that gentle voice whose whispers woke me every morning, Those gentle steps of yours that taught me how to walk strong, Those night skies that we left behind , those eyes that started at me as I am hers and hers alone, And the white dress that didn't matter yet made her look prettier than any angels I ever thought, I remember it all. But now all that's left of em is nothing but memories of the past. The pain is unbearable, so much unbearable that all the words in the world could not calm my tears. I want to scream, I wanted to destroy all things that kept me away from her memories and also herself, and cry out all the pain that she left behind inside of me. Yet I fail to take out the scream,yet I fail to destroy any, and yet no matter how much I cry, the sea of pain never seem to decrease. The red sun reminds me of you, setting into deep red so far away and leaving me in darkness. Where have you gone for I had so much to tell you yet so little I used to talk. Forgive me for being fragile, Forgive me for not being a person who talks a lot, Forgive me for in the end I couldn't protect you, and Forgive me for I couldn't promise you any future. Where have you gone? for I have So many questions to ask you. I do not know if my words are reaching you, yet I want to ask you, Have I made you happy? Have I been someone you felt at home with? Did my kiss made you feel the butterflies in your heart? Did my presence made you feel the world? And was I able to become someone precious to you?. The cold winds of this world you left keeps reminding me of your absence. I keep begging him to give you back yo me knowing he wouldn't. Please come to me. Come to me and I shall be a part of you again.

Tags: Sad, Empty, Fiction

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