Part 2

Time heals even the deepest wounds they said. I waited time to heal mine. i kept on waiting, not realizing the healing takes away a whole part of one's life. I kept on wondering "How long? it still feels empty". The men are born to bear burdens so that their family can live in peace. If he is not strong enough there is no escaping his collapse. I had my part of it. And yet I kept on waiting for something I never new, I just kept on waiting.
Its 2am in the morning and the sleep doesn't come tome. I decided to search for the cafe that desperately needed to get going. People with such passion and desire to live develop a similar kind of bad habit as mine. Staying up at night. I found one. Grabbing a chair I asked for a coffee. Thats the only thing that keeps me going. A cup with a lot of cream showed up with that a girl's voice asking me "A special coffee for a sad late night customer , what else could make you feel better??" I had learn to cover my depression under a thick mask of fake smile. Yet she somehow saw through it. "Its quite unusual to be able to find a person breaking the mask with such ease." I replied grabbing the cup. "Perhaps we recognize our own kind." The wind took away a bit of emptiness. The moment I had always seemed to run away from seemed to be gentle with me. Perhaps because I was tired and wanted to stop running away and perhaps it was time i faced it all. I listened to her in peace without getting angry or neglecting her words. The lonely shop now seemed to be filled with no emptiness as all the crowded shops usually seemed. "its okay,...Let her go" she whispered "Let her be at peace for which you have to let her go.". The tears came gushing out on my fake smiling face, breaking the thick mask. Those words had such great power. I broke down on her hands holding mine. To a stranger I never knew, I showed the real piled up inside of me. have I grown weak? It doesn't matter. All that matters is that this person knows how I feel and I am tired of running and holding that one person who meant a world to me. I cried and cried, This time the pain started fading slowly with every tear. The time surely has its own way to take away one's pain and misery. Yes, its about time.

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