It was a good sunny morning having nothing special about it. I woke up that morning with a fear, the fear of the last board exam ; accountancy it was. Being one of my favourite subjects there should lye no space for any kind of hesitation or fear. But practicality and expectations are like two poles in opposite directions that are never going to meet at one point. Coming out of this thought and the quilt, I realised it was already 8 AM. I stood up and after gathering all the necessary freshness, I managed to put on the school uniform. While dressing up a thought strike my mind and I wondered that it was the last time I was going to watch myself in the school uniform, it was for the last time I will be excited to give a school exam. Coming out of nostalgia, I took my bag up on my shoulder and went out to reach the exam center which was placed at Hope hall foundation School in R.K Puram. I reached almost an hour before the exam started along with my best friend 'Vinit'. When we reached there we found those who didn't even opened the book for the whole session were eating up the books like bookworms. I was completely prepared but there was some kind of hesitation that increased hundred a times when I went on to share my accountancy knowledge with the guy who went on to top the boards with 95% marks. The guy was "Satish" and he told me that he wasn't prepared but deep down my senses I knew that he was lying with all that "mujhe nahin aata" stuff.

To be Continued........

Tags: True Story

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