Once upon a time;
There was a legend told myriad.
When citing ‘Paradise’ was a crime;
A debauched fairy tale; A nameless period.

An exodus of mass, the earth had desired;
Seethed omens & alterations, Nature acquired.
Nodding, accepting, mighty winds destroyed.
The universe schemed, continual rain demoralized.

Yet, Innocence, paved way for sinnings.
Split ends, lead to new beginnings.
Live death, in meaning of breaths,
Dawdled & stalked by vacant hail of Seths.

No sentries at gate, & pathway marred;
The saga had given life, to a lifeless start.
Inks of instances had papers wholly charred;
The poles of time remain. Fables merely depart.

Even dungeons are dead without a Dragon Throne;
The heroes who dared, let the world be known.
They learned, lived & cyphered flags of wisdom;
And pursued after to build a daredevil kingdom.

Fairies fond of her, notorious fays Fauna & Flora;
Demon’s allure in a Sleeping Beauty; Lady ‘Aurora’!
Amid chaos & composure, she knew dread to none;
And coupled but solo, ambling there was One!

Catholic his quandaries, slender his sight;
Nonchalant but shrewd, they called him the ‘Light’!
Unaided he marched nomadic. Collected he flew;
And league of rovers, together there were Two!

Drinking & hugging ruffle, his beloved adventure;
The master of menace, they called him ‘Danger’.
Vanity. Thirst. Desire. Defended under his marquee;
And unmasked musketeers, playing there were Three!

Bopping, hooting, winged, shooting, witty & mercurial;
Jolly legs. Bamboo voice. Maniac mental; Lady ‘Ariel’!
Under the sea, her drivel. Above the ground, her roar;
And evenly squared union, oddly there were Four!

Her anger roared grim echo, her laughter piped a yell;
Duly diligent. Liar lawyer. Ramble Ray; Lady ‘Belle’!
Devotion her decree. Careless Cause her contrive;
And leaping high with chi, fleeting there were Five!

Surfs, storms, stuns & shakes; acted upon his dour;
Pseudo but steady, songsters called him ‘Power’!
Grasp souled his gravity. Charon sailing the Styx;
And solitary custodians, fighters there were Six!

Draw. Dance. Dream. Discover, & draggle all above;
Grenade with grandeur, they called him the ‘Love’!
Novelty he possessed. His mythos inked; ‘Don Juan’;
And sacred sinners singing, smitten there were Seven!

Uncrowned king of Frontiers, der doyen der trickery;
Puppeteer of profanity, they termed him ‘Mystery’!
Poise & pulse his precious. Regal resolves his restraint;
Counting Damsel & the Dawg, hasty there were Eight!

Wounding shadows of reality, protested her demon;
Cross-dressed but bold lout; Trooper Lady ‘Mulan’!
She loathed lust trifling, but preyed on love divine;
As storming clouds bustled, finally there were Nine!

Their journey begun from the land rock-strewn.
When sun seared the days, they traveled for the moon.
Nous sprinkled on dusts. Twilight oozing star spume.
Ally theirs witlessness. Cognizance nested their doom.

Veiled creatures of lost nation, whirled them with vice.
Crying songs of the chorus; ‘Ennead Raiders in Paradise!’
On the way to dreary cavern, nesting gloom & despair;
“Beware & be chary!” portended the doors of Neith’s lair.

On riffling tides of ‘Love’, the nights went young;
‘Passion’ was the fruit, choruses merrily sung.
Misery turned to might, chanted strings & drum;
‘Karma’ exalted droning; “What have we become?”

Building castle with sand. Hanging cradles in the trees;
Bawling at waves & clouds alike; ‘The Song of the seas!’
Wheels whirled on the wind, as ale drew death doze;
Mambo shaped its glyphs; “Mambo!” hummed the prose.

Continents shelved. Trammeled under a rhetorical rhumb;
It flew, not sail. Kindling over an abysmal nimbus numb.
Seraphs wassailed their valor. Afore curtains to fall;
It was time to head back abode, from Golden gates tall.

They ran into the day. They loped onto the night;
Even storms shied away, so they returned in the quiet.
When chasing rainbow’s end, mere fantasies ignite;
But a quest for flaming thrills could never be a trite.

Ariel! Belle! Mulan! And Aurora!
Prize & plights, possessed in pack of Pandora.
Light! Power! Danger! Love! And Mystery!
Witness! Live! Repeat! Incessant course of history.

Hypnos pondered; “If sleep stopped them now.”
Morpheus thought over; “They need naught bow.”
Dionysus joyed; “Harvest pleasure on the way you go.”
Erebus cried; “There’s blackness in me no more to grow.”

As they looked back to that day, sundry eons after;
Stranded. Was it the end of an age long chapter?
Slipping back to the same unchanging cycle;
Break free! Go forth! Unfetter thy own revival.

What be praiseworthy of a deserved title;
Heralded thru Heaven, a laudable recital.
Immutable are the tellers. But not story;
Endowed is the journey. But not glory.

In hopes of times past in future, played on repeat;
Melancholy & marvel, frolicking they meet.
Troubles alike. Scrapes their own shares;
Heed my words, they all climb the same stairs.

Once upon a time;
There was a folk lore told myriad.
Where journey to ‘Paradise’ was sublime;
A debauched fairy tale. A nameless period.

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