Man has been gifted the most important things by the God and i.e brain and knowledge.But Knowledge leads to a part i.e wisdom ,now wisdom is of two types one is Right wisdom and the other is wrong wisdom.human brain is very complicated and is very powerful and no one has been able to use it 100% as it almost impossible but it ha been used to almost 11% by great scientist from this we can conclude that if a person use it in wrong ay because there are many people use their wisdom in wrong way, this makes them devil,The most important factors of this is jealousy,want to be superior and some times because of competition.and this devil can do anything and can produce havoc and great destruction.let us take example f robots it is said that in future there will be robots which can overcome the the human then why humans will be manufacturing it it is the wrong wisdom that some scientists will be doing it for good or some for bad purposes and some are also saying that it can produce havoc then why?This is devil inside us that is will be or is harming our world.yeah it is we need inventions but should not harm humans for whom it's been build.
Ingrid Bergman quotes:
"I was the shyest human ever invented, but I had a lion inside me that wouldn't shut up!
There is a devil inside us ad we are known of that that we should have control on it because w have been gifted by Brain,we have to use that.
Socrates said:
Wisdom begins in wonder.
Right wisdom is the key to destroy the devil inside us.... There is devil inside us.

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