I have returned back to the days when I used to run in a park. The park full with cute li’l kids and their parents have evoked my memory to my childhood. It was so many days that I haven’t been in a park. Today I relived myself through these innocent souls and their lively joyous plays. All the kids were playing usual games like hide n seek, cricket and football. Some were running with their hearts content without any reason. A cute little boy was staring at the big gloomy sky and was amazed to see an aeroplane flying above.The fresh air and wonderful weather was healing my mind too which is tensed for the upcoming semester. Though in this period i.e only a few days before exam I usually do not roam around but today was something different. The pre exam holiday was so boring that I was dying inside. Even I had to cancel a plan to go out with my elder brother as he had some other plans. So I took this short trip to the park nearby. As metropolitan parks usually are, it is like the same- crowded. But in the beautiful green carpet of grass everybody have found a pinch space he or she needed.
In my home town there are lots of parks, but those are not crowded as this. I have never seen so much kids playing in a park together. I remember how I used to play with my mates as much as I wanted. The whole day I used to wait for the clock to strike 4 pm. And with a incomparable joy I used to run to the playground. There was no time limit for how long i could play.Really childhood is the best period in a man’s life. There is no tension or burden of expectations and tasks. Kids can enjoy the play without worrying about future or anything. With time and age smile and livelihood fades in them. And before they could realize that they have grown up they are turned into machines fulfilling goals and keeping timetables. I feel sad for myself and the millions of kids who don’t know what they will become a few years down the lane. I hope these system of education and society will change and smile of those innocent faces will not fade away

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