I still remember his visit to our house, when I was a kid of about 11 year old, still not in my teens, yet a lot more mature.
He was a doctor, and an old family acquaintance, who would frequently come to our place on the Sundays, to have some coffee or tea, and gossip a little with my parents. He had a son, older than me, though I had never seen him.
But what amuses me the most is that, I had always considered Doctors to be so well educated. Well, of course, they are, but some comments make me think over it again.

"Life and education is getting more tough each day." He once commented.
My parents nodded in unison, of course they were.
Though I didn't have any idea about what they were talking.

"Nowadays children have to struggle too much in order to find a good path, be able to live happily. Our days were simpler, of course. Don't know which path would Tinni take when she grows up, whether all hurdlles would be easy for her to pass or not." My mother commented.

To this, the so-called doctor replied, "You have to worry? But why? You have got a girl child, education is more important for my son instead. What's with a woman whether she studies or not? You can get her married ot any house you want! A man has to work hard no matter what, even before getting married he must be properly settled."

My dad was quite angry by now.
"Which century are you living in?" He asked.

"That's what I strictly believe in. Women's education is never important."

And no matter how much my parents tried to protest, he remained firm.
My parents argued, and he was never again seen at our place. xD

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