Who Will call me "beautiful" instead of "hot "

I AM WAITING for the boy..

Who Will kiss on my forehead Rather on my lips.

Who will show off to the world that She is "MINE"

Who Will proudly hold my hand in front of his friends

Who will think i am as pretty without makeup too.. :)

I AM WAITING for the one...

Who Will constantly remind me how much he cares about me and how lucky he is to have me in his life :D

How ever i am his presence should make me feel ' special ' and "comfortable"

I AM WAITING for the one who turns to his friends and says "that's her"

~ Its not always looks and hot figure matter , looks & figure can be changed , But u need a true heart to spend your life rest everything life creates by its own.......

Try to find a true and pure heart :) ~

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