Awaken by a fancy dream, 
On a hazel winter morning. 
A dream so lustrous, so freshening,
That it never allowed me to sleep in peace.
"How was it?" it asked in a zealous voice; 
Out of astonishment , I prompted, " It was rather mesmerizing" 
"I am the path that god chose for you" said it, 
" would you be able to make it?" 
As I looked edgy with drops of cold sweat shedding over my cheek.
"You wake up with me every morning and bury me in your soul every night." said the dream, so intense.
I startled, dream fading, said , " have faith in me and face your fears." 
Faded the dream with those words.
Left me with eyes opened wide, 
Forced me to see the brighter side.
You fall ten times, stand up eleven.
Defeat your defeats, face your failures.
Stand up. Face up. Make up
Coz its time you buck up.
That day I became friends with my dreams.

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