A drop from abode of gods,
Fell on earth, incarnated, personified,
With it, feeling, all divine, came
Lackadaisical attributes got vivified,
A rose from heaven shed its petal
And it took shape of a smile,
All elements, in their purest form,
Few sophisticate few tough, few strong, few fragile,
And with few spells of divine words
And blessings of omnipresent god
A soul came on earth, in human appearance,
Fitting into clothes of bones and skin, “applaud”
Said all deities, and fairies of fairy land
And that soul started growing, walking with seasons, hand in hand
Life in all colors meets her, takes inspiration, borrows grace from her
Breathing in the vibes of her existence, a privilege to living beings
For trapped weak inhabitants, she is the inspiration, she is the usher
Eccentric thoughts, calm and composed she is
Her presence dilutes dilemmas, spread bliss
Spreading smiles all around, making dull shine
She is a true from heart, mankind of special kind..

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