A girl who writes, often spends money on her books rather than looks or clothes. All she needs is only a pen & a paper. You can often find her in parks, seas, watching the beautiful sky, with her mp3 or simply in silence..

She is not materialistic. All, She needs is a rich heart. Doesn't really bother for outer looks, wordly things, but for the inner - contentment. She doesn't go for money, but for love, friendship, trust, faith ..

She writes when she is happy, sad, angry or alone. She creates a beautiful world, than you have ever imagined. She imagines, she dreams. She doesn't make you feel bored, because everyday, she fascinates you with new dreams, new life, love you even more. She is emotional, sensitve to human intutions & can understand you better than you understand yourself.. Most of all, she never leaves you, even if you do ..!!

The greatest pleasure is when you read her writings..

Date a girl who writes;
Make her your wife;
Look, how unique & amazing will be your Life ..!!

Tags: Writing

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