That morning,she closed all the doors and windows.Took a yellow sari,tied it to the fan,stood on the stool,ready to hang herself,all set to commit suicide.She kicked the stool and she couldn't breath,she was sweating,she was dying.And finally,she was dead,hanging.

Suddenly,she-Ms.Sameera Subramanyam,Senior S/W Engineer,5 feet 3 inches,26 year old,got up from her bed.It was her dream,she sweated a lot,rushed to refrigerator and drank the whole bottle.she looked at the clock in the hall,it was 6.00 AM.She took a deep breath.She sat alone for an hour and then she decided to die.Sameera is a fair,confident and ambitious lady.She got into corporate word when she was 21 with many dreams and to make it big.She always wanted to create a brand for her and was successful at it.To all her colleagues ,it seemed as if promotions and benefits were created only for her.She was a jovial girl.But from the past 2 years,her career growth wasn't high.She became dull,serious, lost her own self.She lives alone in a furnished flat and always preferred being alone.Sameera decided to die and wanted to commit suicide.But she didn't want her body to be postmortemed.She didn't want her death to be published in the newspapers.She didn't want media discussions regarding her death and above all her parents being questioned for the reasons.So,she wanted to go away from this place,a place where no one can come in search of her and where she can take her last breath,where no one will be aware of her death.Sam immediately got up and grabbed her family photograph and kept it in her handbag and drove herself in her car but she has no idea regarding where to go.She stopped at a signal,heard two people discussing about the hike in the train tickets rate,and yea she started riding to the railway station.She came inside,she kept walking and she sat at one of the platforms,thinking and thinking.

A boy of 6-feet,fair with a funky hair style,who wore a red T-shirt and cream baggy pants with headphones hanging around his neck approached sam."Hello mam,have you heard the announcement regarding the guwahati express?i missed it.Yehi platform pe aanewali h kya?".Sam was in her world.Again this boy stressed her,"Hello madamji?hello..??".Sam got irritated ad yelled at him "What do you want?Why the hell are you asking me?You guys don't make any delay in stalking a girl,harrassing her,molesting her...".The boy was shocked," Stop stop,omg,i was just asking about the train,aap tho bahut bade bade words use karre,omg molest,harass,that too an innocent kid like me??".Sam didn't give a damn.A train arrived and Sam without any second thought got inside.she sat there.The train started,she looked above,and was shocked to see that boy there.She shouted at him "Acha,this is your plan,idiot!".The boy was amused.It was getting dark,the TC came in asked her to show her ticket,She said that she doesn't have it and she doesn't even know where this train heads to.Eveyone in the train were shocked at her answer.The boy got down and convinced TC that she is his relative and they are travelling together to darjeeling and as her uncle passed away she couldn't get her ticket.Paid the fine and managed him.He asked her to share the berth with him.

As there is no other choice she accepted.Returned his money and apologized.She said,"Am sorry,i thought that you were stalking me and thanks.".The boy smiled and said,"No problem,it happens,by the way,am Ayaan Ganguly,recently placed i an MNC.How about you?"
"Sameera Subramanyam,Senior SWE at a company and please no more questions regarding me and my travel".Ayaan laughed,"Omg,you are a senior employee,i need to be good with you.You can refer me na"winked at her.She smiled.Ayaan and Sam fell asleep at the opposite ends of the berth.The next day she was silent ad didn't eat anything either.Ayaan didn't want to disturb her.It was night again and he started packing his belongings.Sam was amused and asked him what is he hurrying about?he replied that he is going to get down at the next station as he is going to darjeeling.Sam thought that as darjeeling is a hill station she can find valleys to jump from and thought of getting down there.She got down and Ayaan was shocked.he asked her,"Why did you get down and where will you go?",she replied that she doesn't know anything."Okay mistery madam,you can come to our guesthouse if you would like to".Sam thought that this fellow might me misguiding and may be taking her to some red light kind of area and planning to trap her.Ayaan smelled it and said,"Am not kidnapping you,hahaha,i too have two elder sisters and i know how to treat and respect women,so you can trust me,it's not safe for you to be here,come there and leave tomorrow".She nodded and he in a taxi dropped her at his guest house,"This is the house we gifted for our elder sister during her shadi,she rarely visits this place and you can use her wardrobe,see you,good night."He spoke with the watch man and left.Sam got inside,it's a small but lovely house.She saw food being served to her,had some and fell asleep.

Next day morning Ayaan came and knocked the door,Sam opened it,She was in his sisters salwar,he liked it.He asked her to come out of the house,she wasn't interested but he urged her and when she came out she was struckdumb.It was all green,the tea garden and she was at the center of it,the cool breeze blew her mind.The snow and fog was mesmerizing."Mast he na??"She replied yes and smiled. Ayaan told her that he couldn't take her to his home because his parents will ask random questions regarding her.She said it's okay.He smiled and asked her to come for a ride so that he can show her some beautiful places.She didn't want to but couldn't say no,she sat on his bike and he started riding it slowly,the curves,the greenary,the fog and the droplets of rain,she enjoyed everything.He stopped at a road side restaurant and got some hot "momos" and asked her to eat,"Eat these momos,famous food,taste it you will say woww",she smiled and ate them,the steam cooked momos in that cold weather was really wonderful combination.He told her that they have a tea business and tea gardens here and his father looks after them.He drove her to the wonderful place,Kanchenjunga mountain.She was so happy to see that wonderful scenery.Slowly,the clouds moved and sun light just got in.That warm feeling...uff.Ayaan is a good photographer,he wanted to click her pictures but she was apprehensive and was against it,but Ayaan without her knowledge captured her constantly.Then he took her to the famous Tiger hill,She sat there for hours watching the sun set.He drove her back to the guest house.She was living every moment of her life.Enjoyed the dum aloo served for dinner.She felt her life.

With so much of laughter and she hit bed that night ad the second day Ayaan took her to the chowrasta for shopping,she shopped so many things,he captured all those moments and she danced with the locales, ate with them and she was enjoying herself and she didn't stop Ayaan this time from clicking her pictures and started posing instead.Ayaan smiled.Sameera noticed something written on Ayaan's tee shirt.She read it loud,"I have fallen for you..,hahaha what is this now ha??",Ayaan-"Really??waise b itne smart jo hu,"Ayaan winked.She warned him that she is 3 years elder to him.They shared a light moment and she was back to the house.That night she couldn't sleep and suddenly this thought came in,that she was here to die,what was she doing and then early morning she got up rushed in hurry with all tears in her eyes.

Ayaan saw her and followed her.She reached a valley and had a look at her family photo and decided to jump.She was at the corner,crying,Ayaan came near,stooped her,"Sameera?what are you doing?",She replied,"Am committing suicide,i want to die!",Ayaan laughed loud,"HAHAHAHA...stop kidding sameera!",She slapped him hard and shouted,"I came here to die,to die",and fell down crying.Ayaan felt something wrong,Sameera again yelled,"I was sexually being harrased and abused at my company by my senior employee,he blackmails me of giving bad feed back about me.I made this career and i can't this happen to me.Am 26 and not married,pressurre from my parents to get married have family and questions from friends,why are you still single?I was cheated by my best friend in a business and all the fake friends around me,all these made me sick.Am tired of living.I can't complain,everyone doubts on my character instead ,if i do,what else can i do than dying??"and cried.Ayaan felt sorry for her,he stated saying,"So,you wanted to die?will that solve all your problems?is that the only solution everyone has?You are running away from these, not fighting.If you die?what's next?Your boss keeps harassing other girls,your friend keeps cheating and your family will force your younger sister to get married!!You can't let this happen. Everyone has problems.You need only courage to find solutions to them.Lord rama and sita would have killed themselves instead.No problem will stay longer Sameera,trust me,it's just a phase.Orphans,handicapped,labour..every one are fighting out there every day,still they are happy,they all could have chosen death but they chose life.We all are born to live,love,pray,help,cry,laugh,feel,shout and to feel all emotions of life,not to die Sameera!Thank god every moment.He gave you life to live not to end forcefully.Give chances to your soul to rejuvenate."

They heard at lady screaming for help and between their conversation both of them rushed,a lady asked them to help in delivering her daughter's baby,as it was raining heavily they couldn't go anywhere.Sameera went out to help and she saw the pain and she took the baby in her hands and felt how wonderful birth and life is all about and felt that how her mother raised her and the pain she took to give her life and she... thought of ending it?,she hated her thought of suicide.She cried and came back to Ayaan and hugged him so tight that he couldn't breath.It was a friendly hug from her but Ayaan was on cloud 9.He was feeling different.Sam said,"Am so stupid ayaan,that i thought of ending such a beautiful life!thank you so much,please could you give me your phone,mine is switched off,i want to call my mom,and arrange things to leave,i want to go back and face the world".he nodded and she called her mom,"Hello amma?","Sammu??where are you dear,no call from 6 days and how are you?","Am okay amma,call you tomorrow,thank you amma for bearing all pains to bring me into this world".Her mom was shocked.Sameera packed her things and reached the station along with Ayaan.They sat there,waiting for the train to come.Ayaan didn't want Sameera to leave,he wanted her for the rest of his life.But he was apprehensive to share his feelings.Sameera naughtily asked him the same thing that Ayaan asked her when he met her at the station for first time,"guwahati express yehi platform pe aayegina?",Ayaan responded,"You girls won't leave a chance in stalking a boy",they laughed.

The train came,she boarded,he gave a gift pack and asked her to open it when the train starts.She accepted.The train moved,she got it,Ayaan wasn't feeling good.He feared to loose her.The train went away.Sameera opened it,it was an album with her pictures smiling,playing,making faces.There's a letter,she opened it,"See Sam,how wonderful and beautiful you look when you are happy and alive.The nature and life is the beautiful combination.Never end it.Smile happy-Ayaan".Tears rolled from her cheeks and she wiped them off and felt asleep.Next day,she got down and went back to her flat had some rest,got ready and drove to her office.She found that she forgot her mobile in Ayaan's car,she thought of calling him but she doesn't remember his number.These days mobiles don't let you ;).She reached the office,filed a complaint against her boss in the HR department everyone was surprised,she warned him that she is not among those who keeps silent.She spoke with the team of HR and within an hour the news went viral.She came outside the cabin,her friend Darshini took her name loud,"Sameera,a call for you from your mobile,to my phone",Sam was amused ,she took the call,"Hello?","Hello,Ayaan here,you forgot your mobile","Yes ayaan!"."Don't you want it back?"Ayaan asked.Sam was silent,"Come down,and take it".Sam was shocked,"What?",She rushed down and saw him standing under a tree.She was awestruck.She ran and hugged him tightly.The same kinda hug!!He told her that he got into the train along with her.He whispered,"Now don't leave me and go,i can't get inside your office,they won't allow me".She said "what?".He answered her,"It's time where the petrol rates are so high,yet i took you to so may rides and why the hell would any guy would do that unless he loves her??yes,I love you sameera!!",Sameera couldn't stop laughing,and said,"I won't refer you,is that okay?"They laughed again and hugged."Ayaan,i will be back i have forgotten to sign few papers" and rushed back to the office.Everyone was all praise for her bold act. Darshini poked her,"Where did you disappear for a week?Without any prior information?".Sameera turned at her with a broad smile and said,"A Holiday".

Thanks for reading,"Life is to live not to end."

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