Looking at it, feeling numb
Under hunger I am going to succumb
Wrinkles at my face getting deep
Someone threw food packet from a jeep
I can see shiny bread, peeping out
Out of joy, my heart is trying to shout
But weakness of being hungry for two full days
Is restraining me, albeit I am trying my ways
Moving on my knees, crawling, falling
I am reaching my destination,
A dog, is moving faster than me
I tried my best but couldn’t change destiny
One bread it took away, one left there
With saliva drops on the piece, I stare
I reached, grabbed it, as I plundered a treasure
Only someone hungry from three days can feel that pleasure
Removed the wet part, alas, hygiene concerned I am too
Or who will feed me even this, if I catch flu
Gulping it, chewing would delay its meeting
With my stomach, and I can’t bear it
My senses are waning, thoughts depleting
I grabbed another piece, hardly can I sit
Looking at my reflection in water spread on road
Pale face, bent shoulders, carrying invisible load
Load of being old, load of being so poor
Load of being homeless, load of being effete
I beg for alms, expecting your grandeur
But gets treatment worse than dogs, weirdly all treat
I surprised for they, they party each day
And threw all waste food for dogs in the way
But I am a human, why am I not preferred to a dog
Why I am not helped, is poverty itself my clog
They call me slacker, some call me skulk
But not even bother to know my reality, bulk
Of miseries I carry always, each new day
And look for thrown bread to eat, for it I pray
Even dogs now accept me as their supper mate
But I don’t find a place at any of human’s gate
What an irony, what a world to live in
They say to keep someone hungry is a sin
But no one bothers about my tears, my fears
My hunger, my plights, persisting since years
No one is here, to read my wet eyes
No one to offer me bread, no one to hear my cries..

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