Here, take this hymn for the trouble minds. Let your burden be shared with the shoulders wide. Let the winter breeze soothe our tormented, dismantled heart. Lets cheer to those thousand untouched desires left alone in the dark. I have bought this gift to you straight from my humble girth. Where a fire is blazing bright, where the ashes shine with warmth and compassion, where exists a bleak for the soul held cold. As the thick blanket of cold covers us this season, I am of the mind to let the cold consume me while my inner self get possessed by the warmth from the people unknown. Let us meet here, join our shoulders, crack the walls that held us captive, open the books covered in dust and procrastination and finally touch those orphaned desires. I am a man of no false promises, Hence I cant quite promise that it shall disappear, But I can tell you this.With a shoulder this wide of yours?... you can lift the world. We often forget the fact that we human are social animals. Despite of the fact that there are introverts amongst us, we are connected in ways we can barely even fathom.

   In a world of such unnecessary contemplation and pretentious selves, we conspire ourselves to appear  mysterious and special. I understand the reason behind it, I understand that being an ordinary individual in a world of extraordinary people, truly appears to be a curse. However in this place I am holding , I acknowledge the fact that in a world of such extraordinary people, being ordinary in itself makes you different. Let the fire within me splutter through the silence within. Let it become the rhythm for your move next. Let no denial hide our truth. Let no atrocities define us. Let the unspoken speak. Let no sadness douse the fire within you. Oh my dear stranger, take this flame of mine burning dim and set ablaze the darkness within other thousands. Let the darkness be the fuel for our dimly lit dying flames, and use it to lit the world with bright shines.


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