As I walk down a lonely road,
Looking back on all my decisions I bode,
hesitating at, which of life’s bus to board,
worried about all the past one that I rode,
Bleeding from all the wounds inflicted by swords,
wandering about trying to decipher life’s code.

Taking the journey along its destined way,
The thorns pricking me, right under sun’s rays,
Languishing around in every pains sway.
From destiny , I will myself to run away,
So that, no longer can I myself betray,
That all through my life I was happy and gay.

So ran did I

Until I came under my master’s reach
All my fears he helped me clear,
Only so that his wisdom he could preach,
Guiding his pupils through channels far and near,
To help me live my life at its best, did he teach,
only to let me go ,with I hope was a tear.

Wading through the difficult tasks,
I succeeded walking through hell with a smile
Wearing at different times, different masks,
So that I could walk horrendous mile after mile,
Only in glory to bask,
Hoping that I had been worth my masters while.

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