[ Lost in my words I write this, I shall leave this piece of blank paper to them. Let them write my stories in it and find theirs in mine. ]

I wish I could break the cuffs
and fly out towards the endless horizon.
To the golden sun setting down the west.
I wish I could spend my day in wilderness
only with me and myself.
I wish I could be a feather
and drift carelessly with the whistling winds.
I wish I could be a raindrop
and meet the dry earth with happiness.
I wish I could smile like a child. Unaware of my emotions inside.~

Far far away,
beyond the mountains of misery
and the lakes of sadness
lies a deep dark cave.
I am walking through it,
I can see light.
There, almost like a small dot
but shining like a diamond
under thousands of glittering suns.
My heart still continues to beat
and I see myself heading towards it.
It has been ages now
but the diamond remains of the same size.
I realize my legs are tied.
I realize they have been moving to nowhere.
Once a curious child
from the end of the diamond passed by.
I warned him of the world outside
but he still went on,
leaving me with stories from his side.
He says, ' beyond the gleaming diamond lies a world of dreams.
Blue is the sky of prosperity
and deep are the oceans of happiness , deeper than what they seem.
Where everyone smiles and everyone feels.
And where the sun of hope never sets...'
The ropes that had been holding me back
now look weak and fragile.
I am sure they might soon give up
and set me free to the world outside.
But only if I could find the curious little boy
or at least bid him goodbye.

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