Sometime you need to learn a lesson
A lesson i think god has taught me
That its not about being good from outside
But you should be good from inside
Dad , Mom and My friends and My lovely friends and My revenge
Taught me its not about beauty
Its not about cuteness
Its about heart .
Its about that beautiful heart.
If you have that you can win anyone.

Life gives you challenges
Life teaches you
I was running for something.
I got it what should i run for .

Life is beautiful if you learn it
Life is rocking if you learn from people
I have learnt a lesson
A beautiful lesson
Sometime people from outside what they are
they are not that from inside

Thanks everyone everyone.
everyone everyone.
Especially I would like to adore you for teaching me lesson
Who was good to me and who was not
I understood.
Thank you sun ji.

Sonali you taught me
What should i run for
What should i do in life
What is more important
Beauty or being goodness

I might look cool after few days
but i will be good and I will be kind hearted till the end...
Thats me and thats me..

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