Dear patiently waiting,

You have been patient..lesson 1 completed. I know you have held on long, longer than I would have expected you to, and just when I thought you would break down, you sucked in a breath and looked at me with those misty, red rimmed eyes of yours and cocked an eyebrow, as if saying, 'Bring it on, old man' and I patted my back...I am a great teacher, seemingly. I made you patient.

In all those times you looked at the your peers and random people, judging if they were honest, scanning their faces for a flicker of honesty or a mark of compassion in their eyes, so that if you chose to share your woes with them, they would actually listen attentively, I taught you to know people, realize their true potential, sense who was what, rather then trusting blindly..Lesson 2 delivered..I made you smart.

And just when you felt the most gripping need to unload your worries, you kept quiet. You smiled through tears, you laughed while you counted through waves of pain I kept wreaking against you, you won my admiration..with time, my whip of agony started to be less painful to you, you wouldn't even cringe while I breath down fire over enthralled me, I was riveted by the warrior in you.. lesson 3 finished.I made you stronger.

After a hard day of going about your business without letting anyone catch a whiff of your problems, I watched you as you crawled into your bed and dreamed with your eyes open, suspended between real and surreal, scouring through myriads of distressing situations for a flip side, praying that although that day had been difficult for you may God make the next one, less worrisome ,holding one end conversations with Him ,I smiled with tender affection..Lesson 4 had been learnt. I made you a dreamer.

You knew fairly well that the situation you were getting your self into was bound to turn you in my arms, but you still walked the path. I saw you advancing towards me, with sure little steps of a person who was prepared for trouble just because the happiness it courted was irresistible and I
applauded your sense of curiosity and your hunger for something new, despite the harshness that it would yield..I saw in you a zeal for life..lesson 5 completed..I made you an optimist.

And then the most important lesson needed mere to forget the past. You see, you say I met you six months ago, but I know for sure that I have met you several times in past but you don't remember me as clearly.. knowing this has been one of the greatest incentives of my job, that although my pupil will hate me, he won't hang on to his hatred for centuries, there by loosing the ability of experiencing ecstasy which followed me at heels..I had to teach you that pain followed ecstasy and ecstasy, pain..and you learnt. That is my biggest gift to you, the gift of oblivion.

Yes, I will set you free, only to grip you again and teach the similar lessons all over. That's what good teachers do, when there is nothing left to be taught, they teach some more..

Mr Grief.

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