Dear Death,
How ironical is the fact, my friend, that you take life out of every person that ever existed and you are someone who gives me life? You are the reason I exist, survive, live and grow in people’s minds. I have lived in many and for different reasons but, my friend, you are the biggest reason I reside in people’s heart and mind. Yet there are a few who are not afraid, who don’t feel me when they hear or see you. I wonder what goes on in their minds and hearts, as I never got a chance to live in them. But you, my friend, have seen and taken them all with you from this life. Tell me what is that one thing which makes them unafraid, which makes them fearless, which makes them live without me?
There have been many great men, fearless not to mention, who have often related us and said when men should see you that they must not think of me, they should be fearless when they face death. I have endured for a long time in the minds of living, to see that I tend to survive more when they live and just fade away into oblivion from their souls when you take them away.
I wonder sometimes, does anyone fear me? Many have exhorted men to overcome me and live a life without me, to be fearless. But my friend, in the end, anyone can conquer and bury me. But who can escape you?


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