I remember when you called, asking me not to drink
At first I was reluctant, but I agreed within a blink
I knew you were right, Mom, you want the best certainly
For me every time and everyday till eternity
I had soda instead, Mom, I didn’t drink
But not everyone is like this, not everyone thinks
I was soon leaving for home, Mom, to come back to you
I sat in the car, to drive, under the sky so blue
But within a few seconds, a car hit my car so hard
It broke the window pane, glass all above the face, it was now scarred
Believe me, Mom, it wasn’t my fault
The driver was probably out of control, he didn’t even halt
Now, I am lying on the road, with mostly my blood all around
My vision is blurred, the world going round & round
I can see him walking, he can’t even stand straight
He says he’s sorry, but now it’s too late
The police has come, ambulance being called
All around I see is lots of blood and glass been sprawled
Do you believe me, Mom, I didn’t do anything
I wish I had not gone out, leaving you, this evening
The man was probably in the same party as I
Our decisions differed, he drank but not me
And now, Mom, it’s time for me to go
The last of my few breaths, there’s something I want you to know
I’ve always loved you, Mom, you know that right?
I may have argued with you, or even a few fights
There’s nothing as compared to how much I love you, Mom
Even though I’ll not be with you, I want you to be strong
If there’s another life, Mom, I want to be your son again
I wish you were right here, I can’t handle this pain
There is this one thing, Mom, that I want to you believe
I didn’t drink, Mom, not this eve

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