Dear Writer Babus,

I have been on this site for long and what kept me here was the awesome posts that I got to read every single day. I loved the sheer variety of it. I kept visiting it every single day and even do visit it now. I made many friends through Writer Babu and all of them are awesome.

You must be wondering why am I writing this. Let me tell that you now. I am tired! Tired? Of what you may ask. And my answer is this.
I am tired of not being polled!

What is my fault I ask? Am I too boring to read? Is it because I don't write about love and breakups? Is it because I think that there is more to life than just love and breakups? Is it because I don't use slangs in my posts? Just tell me why! I need an answer.

It just irritates me. And now it has started to hurt me. No matter how busy I am, I make time for Writer Babu. I wake up early in the morning just to read the write ups here. Mind it every single day! And I do poll on most of the posts. Then why do I not get polled? What is my fault?

I am thinking of quitting Writer Babu. I thought it is better that I just let you know as I do have some friends who read what I write and I feel I owe them an explanation as to why I want to quit.

Keep writing.


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