This is one of my old writings... Like, medieval old. Practically last birth if you consider the point where I am now.. It's naive and raw. And kind of really cheesy. But... I don't know... I like it. Thought I'd share.

Letter to the Moon

Dear Moon,

Looking at you today makes me nostalgic. Your full, bright aura has something magical about it that has always enthralled me and him. Looking at you today reminds me of all those nights’ picnics we had sitting by the lake, stealthily escaping from our houses with a basket of sandwiches and some lemonade, gazing at you for hours, and occasionally stealing glances at each other. Marvelling your mystical splendour. Looking at him bathed in your exquisite incandescent light sends waves of love in me much like you influence the tides of the sea.

Now I sit alone by the window of my house in this unfamiliar town, no sandwiches, no lemonade, no lake, just me and you, and memories of him. I know he is there gazing at you too, wishing for my wellbeing. I can feel his intent stare through your steady light illuminating on me. I wonder how he’s looking right now, engulfed in your luminous glow…
Your stars reflect their shimmery light in the otherwise dark house, like beams of love and hope connecting the distance between us.

You’ve been a faithful companion. You’ve always been there, your eternal, omniscient form watching upon us, you’ve witnessed all of our light and dark moments, much like we witnessed yours, changing and growing, maturing, just like our relationship did, and you’ve shined your glorious radiance upon us throughout. There is an imperfect perfectness in your craters, much like the sour experiences and bitter fights in our relation, but they are what make you human, just like us.

I’m alone tonight in this vast alien city filled with bright lights just like you are, up in the heaven, a lone orb of light among a thousand unknown stars.

All I wish from you tonight is to convey him to hold on to you, just like I do, tell him to find strength in your radiant aura, to assure him that he can talk to you when he feels lonely, just like I do, that it won’t be long till we sit by the lake again, submerged in your light, with a basketful of sandwiches and some lemonade.

Yours affectionately,


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