“Tomorrow seems impossible. Only Today is possible.Tomorrow it all ends. Today it all started.”

A young twenty three year old boy unlocks the door and enters a house.The house seemed empty except some muffled noise coming from across the street. It was kids playing football and screaming on top of their voices as if letting the world know of their existence.The boy feels thirsty and walks towards kitchen to drink water. The kitchen was stinking. Fresh egg-shells and bread crumbs lying near the burner caught his attention. “We didn’t have eggs when i left. And I was the last one to leave”, thought the boy.

He lit a cigarette.The smoke rushing in and out of his lungs calmed him. He took another drag. He held the smoke longer this time in his lungs.This further calmed him. His mind wandered back to the mysterious egg shells. “Who could have got eggs ?”, he asked as if the silence of the room would echo back the answer to him. He searched his pocket for his phone to know the time.It was 2 in the afternoon. It took him about 15 minutes to go to the ground floor, buy a pack of cigarettes and come back.

“Who could have come and gone in fifteen minutes without being noticed by me?”, he asked again. He stood up and started walking towards his room. He checked all other rooms just to confirm if any of his flat mates was there who might have come early from office today. But there was no one. He lit another cigarette. This didn’t calm him. He could feel blood pumping through his heart with each drag he took. He needed something stronger. Quickly, he went to his room. An unlit marijuana joint was lying on his bed. “I must have made it”, he thought but could not recall.

He lit the joint and took a deep drag. The holy smoke of marijuana traveled deep inside to the last stretch of his lungs, rushed back and gushed out of the mouth with a stream of air. Instantly, he felt it. Lungs felt heavy and mouth dry. Eyes turned red and skin became numb. He lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. His subconsciousness grew stronger on him with each passing second and just when the conscious mind was about to sleep, he remembered it. A faint smile filled his numb face.

He woke up at fifteen past five in the evening. His head felt heavy. His stomach was still full from the eggs and bread he had for lunch. He looked around and found a cigarette pack lying beside him. A puzzled look came over his face. “Who got the cigarette pack?”, he asked.

Nevertheless, he lit another cigarette and sat near the window. Looking towards the evening sky and welcoming the imminent darkness into the world and his life, he smoked.

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