Childhood by far is the best time of ones life! The things we do during childhood are so simple and innocent. The joy we get is simple and uncomplicated! And one of our favourite pastimes of childhood is watching cartoons! Oh what fun it is to laugh out loud to those pranks of the toons. Those little moving things brought so much joy!
Fast forward to the present! Everyday seems a drudgery, a burden! Maybe I've forgotten how to laugh out without bothering about what others think. And yesterday of all the days, I was busy preparing a video for an event and it had to be a package of different videos- informative as well as funny. I was watching many videos and then came Tom and Jerry! Just one clip of Tom and Jerry cheered me up! I had that innocent smile back on my face! Though I couldn't Tom and Jerry in my video, those moments of joy, made me feel better. My work was complete in know time! What seemed to be a burden, turned out to be fun! My productivity increased manifold! And there I was helping others finish their work, cheering them up and spreading joy like Tom and Jerry always do!

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