Gulmohurs..fiery.. all around me. As if they would burn me up the longer I gaze at them. Blushing red as if in full bloom, greeting my mornings
Boganvillas...loaded in white and pink..hang over the fencing. White roses adorning a thorny bush complete the picturesqueness of this season.

My eyes rove around the red mohurs. Red speaks of passion. Of love..of intensity. Birthing in me the pangs of creativity. Flowers of love and courage.

Bogans creeping over the fence teach me to override any obstacle stopping me. Nothing can fence me in. Purity and perfect blend.

Roses..the king of flowers, thrive among thorns. The more the number of thorns, the more they abound. Abide in absolute peacefulness. Nothing deters them. Nothing disturbs them.

The lotus..ah the lotus..lives in splendid regality scattered over the most stagnant waters. Accumulating debris, piles of dirt, the commonness of daily living can never put a lid on its daring dreams as it gently opens its beauteous petals in full view of gawking spectators.

I look around me.
There's so much nature can teach me.

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