Let me tell you a lovestory today…Story-yes,love-maybe,maybe not…
Once upon a time there was a girl,who just like any other girl on the planet dreamt of the little perfect joys of life,of her Mr.Right,of how she’d be complete after meeting him…A blissful life..
And as destiny wished,she met this guy,who instantly made her heart go tingly….They became friends…They went on a school trip where they’d spend time with nobody but each other…Without realizing what was growing in between them…selfless,sweet!Something changed in those 3 days….After returning,though in different classes,they’d meet in Library,in corridors-without planning but aware of each other’s presence…They didn’t share stuff or emotional details,just the normal talks that they shared brought them closer,indeed closer by heart.And one day,the boy popped the question,something the girl had secretly been hoping to hear…..She felt her world was complete now.The first guy she had actually opened up to was going to be her man.Happiness!Yes that’s word for that feeling.They came together.It was a happy union.The boy could make the girl laugh her heart out and that made up for everything else.The girl would intentionally cross his class to catch a glimpse of him,pass notes in his copies,wrote him sweet messages and letters,call him without getting a response or call back,hoped that someday he would express….express what he felt…how he felt..about her…She knew he was the funny guy who really didn’t understood how to romance but the still she kept the flame of hope alive…maybe a single day,a compliment would come her way,maybe he’d say how much she means to him,someday he’d fight with her when she talks to other guys,become possessive,do something that would make her heart flutter but nothing really happened…..But the relationship continued..they’d meet and talk,on texts,but no extra efforts on the boy’s part.Once the school ended,the boy took admission in a college in other city,without even caring to intimate the girl.THIS was a breakpoint!The girl could take it no longer,she ended the relation.Not surprising her,the boy didn’t argue or ask even a single question.It ended…maybe it was meant to be.They didn’t maintain contact.Once in a while,he would contact her,drunk call her,try being friends again but never did he actually mentioned their past.He would proudly tell her how he wasn’t a virgin anymore.Maybe that was what he wanted,she thought.It was as if they never had a past.This was difficult for the girl to accept.It hurt her.She cried,everytime they talked once in 6 months.She would sit and think about him for hours,she realised how being with him alone was enough to make her happy,how she never ever expected anything from him but love.She would see his pictures with other girls and complain to God that why did her forgot to put the EMOTIONS part in him,what was her fault,what could she have done to make it work,to make it last forever.In her College life,she met some amazing guys who gave her the attention any girl would love but her heart was somewhere else.She’d keep rewinding the memories she shared with him….One day,during one of those once in 6 months chats,the guy abruptly said “sorry if I have ever hurt you.”The girl forgave him,for all the hurt he caused him,for all the nights she cried for him.But she made sure she doesn’t stay in touch with him cuz even after 3 long years,she knew he still affected her…less but still did.
After 3 and half years,one day she gets a text from the guy saying “Hi,I just wanted to tell you that I still like you the way I used to do before.I know its disturbing but couldn’t stop myself”.
This shook all her grounds. She gave the guy another chance…Maybe history would repeat itself,maybe she would end up broken this time but she saw slight hope.The guy said, which she believed ,that he is inexpressive,he cannot share things easily.He said he wants things to work this time.She hugged him and said I love you,the guy just kissed her. A strong girl,in control of her emotions,her head was again lost by a girl madly in love with this guy.

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