"Nah! It's not a good time to say goodbye.
Look at what you're leaving behind.
So many implicit words, so many unexpected kisses,
so many senseless giggles, so many wiped tears, so
many books to read, so many pages to write, so
many risks to take, so many journeys to conclude. Can you see them?
On that broken table, on those window curtains, on
your favorite spot on the bed, on my skin, my heart
- they are scattered everywhere.
The heart is selfish. If you leave today it'll eventually
find a way to heal. It'll learn to live without you. Don't let it be someone else's. Don't let it forget you.
Look back again at what you're leaving behind.
Is there ever a good time to say goodbye?"
I must write this , some great love stories always have a bad end.

Tags: Confession

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