It's not easy when life gives you blow,
It's not easy to wipe away tears that flow.
When nothing seems right,
It is difficult put up a fight.
When there's no hope,
It is difficult to cope.
When there seems to no light,
Your goal seems no where in sight.
What to do,
If you only knew?
But it's not the end,
For there is lot that you can mend.
Wipe those tears away,
Drive your fears astray.
You can never change the past,
It will remain unchanged till the very last.
But there's something about the present,
Which you can make pleasant.
Forget the despair,
Say a silent prayer.
Be strong,
Nothing will go wrong.
Learn from the past, the lessons it has taught,
Don't give up, be the one that fought.
Don't doubt, just believe,
Troubles then will take your leave.
Start afresh,
Thoughts refreshed.
When everything seemed to be ending,
Put on a smile and make a new beginning!

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