A new feature just came in my mind. I invited around 20 people to see the site for the first time, even though its still under construction. And many people did not write anything, I asked a few and the answer was what to write, there\'s nothing coming in mind.

SO, we can put up an image every week or everyday. A picture says thousand words, so lets capture those thousand words as beautifully as possible, and also, we will see how the perspective vary from person to person. WHat say people? I believe it will be a very interesting thing to do.

The image can be replaced with a song too. I must tell you the genesis of this song idea. Whenever i listen a song, thousand thoughts cross my mind, only when m just listening and not doing anything else. Its sort of meditation, mind is totally relaxed and emotions and thougthts are flowing. We may run out of images but will never run out of songs.

So let me try this out. Tomorrow will be the start. Will do my homework tonight for this feature.


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