Everything was new over there
The people, places, also the path
Even the sun had a new smile
Breeze carrying a fresh flavor
Flowers all had a new color
All set with new look, but
There I was too, an old me

I don't know why I did that
Had chosen to walk on a new path
And I just started in no time
With no planning I jumped to the field
I was still that old girl
Yet I didn't want to sit myself

With every feet stepping forward
I discovered all new, really new
New talks, new dreams, new hopes
Again I never sat myself
I kept moving, moving on all the time
Witnessing all those new things

Being in this new mania world
I never wanted to change myself
I remained to be that old girl
But with new thoughts, new feelings
Keeping me happy every single moment
The path continuously changing while
I, still an old me walked along

Tags: Happiness

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