Sitting next to the gorgeous you and looking at the stars,
This is my ultimate wish & all the moment will be just ours.

I wanna count those stars with you darling,
We gonna spend all our time till the morning.

Often I just wonder, if in those millions of stars you are my lucky one,
I know you will call me crazy, but girl you are just more than someone.

You have brought all these love and care in my life, hiding all those scars,
Wish we could spend another night watching those stars.

Maybe we can join our hands, over a bottle of your favorite brezzer,
I know you love cranberry, and it's waiting for us in the freezer. :p

They say the brightest star in the sky heads up in the north,
Will you be my north star in this so-called earth?

I don't want to end this poem here, I just want to go for more,
But hey we have a night full of stars to watch before the clock ticks at four <3



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