The moonless night brings down the curtain on my sight;
And the road to your city I cannot find.
The feet stretches itself over the bare thirsty rocks;
And dream-studded eyes, run into the lap of sleep.

The night of the foreign land was too cold to be burnt;
And oil in the lamp gathered its last faithful dregs.
All this while, the eternal lovers of solitude and darkness.
Have covered the meadows from end to end.

I realize, your presence have dissolved into my habits.
As sleep could no more be lured, by silence and tiredness.
Even my fingers! How they crave to hold yours.!
Or in cold night would seek warmth in your sleek locks.

Even in the days and nights of no distinction,
And at the dreary times of no celebration.
To the sound of your feet, that would walk towards me;
Out in the rain, my heart would dance.

But, for how long now, shall I paint you,
In the open skies; in the steady waters!
As I pull those moments to weave a memory;
The quest of them burn my peace in versions..!

Tags: Night, Dream, Rain, Loss

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