A friend in a need is a friend indeed.

I came bangalore in october end to give my ca final exam. As I was in kolkata, motii was working in a company in bangalore, so with time, she got busy in her corporate circle. And the friendship and the bond I, nautanki and motii had experienced and shared in kolkata during our articleship times got blurred with time. I still remember the day when nautanki and motii were going to bangalore from kolkata, motii asked me to come to airport as she wanted to meet me before going back bangalore and that day, I told my parents that i have an amendment class. I dont have any option but to lie because both are important as my parents were worried about my studies and i have not met her and nautanki for months.

After coming to bangalore, the first person I met is nautanki and the second one is motii. But even  after meeting motii, we have not been able to mend the damage that has been done to our bond due to different circles.

But, suddenly we planned to meet in onesta just to talk and to share everything that we have missed in so many months.That is the day that paved the way for a series of meetings on weekends.Then suddenly we started meeting on almost every weekends. And all this geared up our friendship to a new level.And i have never thought of the bond that we have developed here in just few months.

With time, how I dont know but it became an habit for me to meet motii every weekend and meeting and chilling on weekends gave me an amazing feeling. I felt more comfortable to share everything with her and when you have a person who is ready to listen all that you want to speak out, believe me that makes a true and amazing friend. 

So, in this new city, any new thing that i have experienced, she has made me do that whether its beer at biergarten, or going to pub or late night roaming on street etc.And all this reminded me of the times when they used to stay in PG in Kolkata.  The comfort, the feeling, the fun with your old friend in a new city is something to be cherished for your whole life.

To be continued.........

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