Life is simple if i mind my own business, i had thought.
Life is good if i have a few good friends, i had thought.
But yet again, life proves me wrong.

Life is hard, people always said.

But i cant say life is hard, because right now its not.. Life is not good i cant say it either, but its the just way i never wanted it to be. Its not like i just want it to be!
They say, life get harder when little things like choosing a flavor for an ice-cream doesn't matter. But i still take time decide between chocolate and strawberry! So i guess life is not hard yet, its just the way i don’t like!
I think everyone goes through this phase, commonly called growing up! If growing up meant feeling this way-confused, irritated, lost, angry.. I wish i could prefer childhood and stay back.

Its the same story everyday! Same questions everyday! Same hope everyday!

Waking up in the morning with the hope that the world will be a little better place and things will be a little better by the time its time again to sleep to wake up with same hope the next day.

Smiling to the people known and laughing with the ones called friends. Friends. Are they as also confused and lost? In the world full of mistrust and hate, can they be trusted blindly? Do they also doubt? Are their smiles equally fake and laughter equally hollow?

Questions! Never-ending questions! Do this or do that? Its hard to decide when there are n number of reasons (including people, for this matter) supporting both do’s and don’ts equally. Really confusing!! Isn't it?

After all, no one ever said that life will be a bed of roses or smooth cake walk!!

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