(This Diary entry was not written from the contest view, it was just a realization later on)

May 3rd,2013
Do what you love, love what you do ~

Tomorrow will be the last working day of the school and then summer holidays will commence. Moreover school will be over at 12:05 pm tomorrow, makes my day !
Today was kinda bit normal day at school, only exception was that we attended the newly installed smart classes for a physics class. It was a good experience. The rest of the day went normal.
Saw a writing competition few days back here in WriterBabu, well really I am not interested, I came here just to write freely, to write out my heart like a free bird and a competition makes me feel that the bird is caged. A competition makes me feel I am continuously running a race. I just want to live life my way, Life is definitely not a competition for me.
Already I am forced to run with academics, I don't want any more of it in my life.
I am here to write my thoughts, I just want to be free in my mind and put all my emotions on paper, the reason I write. For me writing is some kind of drug and I have become addicted to it. To put all my pain, sorrow, joy, anger, feelings on paper makes me feel lighter. A competition would be a burden on my mind.
Tomorrow will be a new sunrise , a new day, a new challenge and a new HOPE...

Just after I had written this diary entry, I had a urge to participate.The reason I didn't want to participate was that I didn't want to run a race but then after doing so I realized that if for some time I forget about the race then the competition can teach me a lot. I had A wonderful time creating a blog for the first time and signing up on twitter.
And then there are many things to gain, many things to learn and even if I lose, doesn't matter in the end I gain some experience and its worth it. My writing gets a new door to travel it's path and new dimensions open up. I am glad that I write and I am even more glad that I write here on WriterBabu and I am free in my mind. Thanks for putting up this wonderful competition it made me learn some more ,it made me grow!

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