It was a poem; just a poem
Yet contained a whole life in it
A story of a boy; silent and shy
And of a girl; bright in mind & sharp in wit
He was there; silent, unknown
She was there; dear to all, never alone
He used to make his pen dance
On the paper, tracing rhyming lines
She used to smile on the music of life
Pretty, sincere, jolly; bit choosy at times
He used to stare at her
She hasn’t any clue
He used to be around, yet un-noticed
Making things easy for her; she never knew
And time has witnessed a story; special in each sense
A mixed recipe of smiles and tears; joyous and tense
He used to cherish the small rare moments of talks
And tried to be a reason of her smiles
She never understood his true feelings
One day time departed them for miles
Now he was trying to overcome his sorrow
She was already busy in new world; new place
He slowly was healing up; yet she was in his heart and mind
He wishes to revert time; he still wishes to chase
She never knew him at all; she would never know
And time would make this story a forgotten tale
Yet this story was never completed; still growing
Beyond the happiness of success; beyond tears of being fail

The Quill..

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