Never feel alone,
I will always walk with you,
if not moon then wind might do (if i am not moon then i will try to be the wind)

Towards your smile ,
there will always be a shine,
for your lies , ( whenever you will lie you will find me in shadows )
there will always be a shadow of mine

In your cloudy days ,( sad days)
you will find birds and flies,
In your summer weekends ,( in your happy moments)
somebody will miss your cute lies

Screams and trolls might look good on movies,
when you will find them real,
will you miss me,
to clinch n punch me for ordeal ( as i used to make you scream by being one)

In the race of time,
never feel yourself perished,
you will always blossom for me ,
enthused , loved and cherished

Tags: Love, ROMANCE, Memory, Love

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