Sun not show up yet, in this bone chilling winter.
Motorcycle sound makes me to wonder how far the end will be.
Leaving the civilisation behind in search for wonder land.
Cool breeze feels like layer of ice and it makes me a ice-breaker.

Coldness wants to takeover but the excitement of new world makes me stubborn.
Flock of birds flying in the sky to start a new day.
It wonders me how free they are every day in search of new life.
Ray of light start touching my skin, i feel the warmth of sun.

The road way start narrowing and greenery covers everywhere.
Everything looks beautiful and captivating and i realised my eyes were colour blinded till now.
Never see a world with such beauty and wants to withhold it forever.
Anticipation with in me go further to explore the beauty.

Motorcycle not allowed with in this, its a nature call.
Walking in thick forest like a first human on the planet and try to understand everything.
Swarm of butterflies glued to a maple tree, it looks like a beautiful painting.
My mind stop thinking in this moment by looking at true beauty of nature.

I heard the sound of water flowing in a rhythm and birds around there making sounds like tiny instruments.
It’s like a orchestra playing in the middle of thick forest.
Gust of fresh air coming in my direction, and sun rays piercing the forest slowly.
Rhythm of water gradually increasing, at end of it a giant water fall.

By the touch of sun rays, water drop looks like pearls.
Million of those pearls pouring into dark abyss.
Tears start roll down on my face.
I want to live in this moment forever to enjoy the precious feeling called - Happiness.

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