We human beings are little proofs of life on this very huge planet named as Earth. We are small particles that speak a lot about existence of time, energy, motion, creation and so on and so forth. Earth is Earth, isolated and unique from her other sisters because we are here, life is here which is supposedly the greatest gift to the nature.
As we move ahead, we are pushed into the world of love, emotions, practicalities, innovation, responsibilities and fear. The sphere is always on its own wheels and while we indefatigably invest our life into learning and experiences with desire to achieve perfection, needless to say, we fall into the trap. Web is weaved with the longings for peace, wisdom and luxury. We are indentured puppets in the hand of destiny, fate and lifespan. Everything stops showering its favors after a time period. Irony is one has to breathe to struggle or struggle to breathe and we always find ourselves clad in a colorful, thick sheet which protects us from heat but not warmth, cold but not fresh air, harmful rays but not sunshine; and infections but not reactions. We are human beings, and layers of dreams and hopes are the factors which differentiate one from the other. Face, fingerprints, etc. are just evidences of physical identity but no one can ever read the mind or even understand the state. Then what are the factors to reach the innermost self and to reach to the depth and comprehend the truest nature of one’s deepest feeling! Its sacrifice we made for the others that opens gateway to one’s mind. Sometimes, door opens pathways to attachment which may lead to steal peace from the destined place and sometimes it opens passages to huge hallways where there is space, there is love and there prevail bonding which has no name. Choices made in personal capacity which is neither influenced nor influential supplement peace. Where the building of strata and classifications occur, there starts the crude differentiation of choices which chased opportunities to own a soul. Truth is revealed now, feelings are hurt now. Once again the mind goes through a painful sea of bitter experiences and rough time, but fails to sail across it. It falls prey to the chaos which was sowed and nourished by other body which has moved out now but left the one who gave permission to read the mind only. Other, in the meanwhile, also learnt the art of writing one’s mind.
Everything which is owned now seemed to be a jinx and every thought led to another and building another planet inside a mind where there is no existence and no zeal to bring about the life to this space. The mess, the chaos, the noise of conflicting inner voices and the broken pieces of trust are posing a great danger to the mind and the body. Isolation is a must requirement but that would heal the pain for a shorter temporary period. One has fallen into the web of hopefulness, hopelessness, helplessness and a few emotional setbacks.

There is a sudden realization of a wish that the character once so much related shall realize and once again make a never-ending effort to reach my soul and without digging into my past, carve out a beautiful future. This is a point of journey where everything seems to be dark and blank and one feels purposeless, devoid of love and faith. The wish also fades away and the true color of one’s deep and unsaid trauma starts reflecting in every piece of glass, in every drop of water and in every word spoken by him. We all are actors though but sometimes we do tend to get into the character of the real self which is very much unknown to the real ‘unknowns’. This is the sole truth that cycle is formed of every kind of emotions, every fact for survival of one and everyone who holds one’s hand either to pull up or to push down.

As mentioned above, the sphere keeps on rotating and all damages are recovered with clock ticking away. This is a game of race in a chaos! We were left blemished and astonished at what a surprise gift the fate had ‘served’ but the clock knew things which were going to become the past. It was neither a foe nor a friend but just a witness to the accident where a person guilty of opening the gateway to the very treasured mind and the innermost self, had fallen a prey to the chaos, infecting the thought and inflicting heart with irrecoverable injuries.

Life was laughing the last laugh and human had neither tear to wash away the negativities one last time nor strength to accept so that it can share the same laughter with the former.


Tags: Attachment

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