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2nd January, 2012, Rock View
A 19 year old boy was murdered. His neck was cut by using a sharp blade. His fingers were cut and thorns were planted on his stomach. The body was floating in a lake, Blue Lake.
20 Kilometers away the Blue Lake was a Darga which was built by the Moguls in the 14th century. The architecture was spectacularly crafted. David was impressed with it. He went near the tomb of a great man and prayed. “Forgive me for my sins, Allah.” He said. Beside the tomb was an old book covered by a cloth. He opened the cloth and found a diary. It was written with blood;
ممتازة على خطيئة على خطيئة البيان روح الإله.
In English it meant;
A superior sin is a sin that is the statement and the spirit of the deity

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