Good e’en, my brutal lord, evil, sure you are,
For your happiness, I thrown mine far,
For your wellness, I have died,
I attempted once to fly; was chide,
As you wilt and ordered, I followed
You rained of tears, I swallowed.

Lord of desires, donate back my living,
Unlock my freedom, forgive me for giving,
Yearn I to wear, white wings and fly,
Generosity heartless Heart, else you shalt cry.
Why dost ye expect, aspirate then wait,
Why dost ye love, feel and then hate?

Thy selfish approach suppress my wish to delight,
My feelings expire, in your feelings' fight,
Ye cause me this pain 'cause you unpleased?
You are king of dark ergo keep me ceased?
Learn to give and forgive, and learn to forget,
Spread joy and self glee, before my lord ye regret.

Comments: Our heart rules over us, decides our happiness, sorrows, grieves and rejoices. Why not to chide our heart once for making us dance on its beat !!

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