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A great article indeed. And indeed a great way to touch a topic so that you end up in Switzerland, a very neutral state. So that most of the things are right and most of them are wrong as well ... :D

Its about the eternal love and fight between men and women. They are born to love each other and are born out of love( read sex). And the other relationships? They are somehow build for a symbiosis and better means for each other. Enough for the practicality. Lets get down to the structure and microbiology and philosophy one by one in reverse order.

Philosophy first. We want to be happy. That is the end of this world and nothing else matters. No arguments on this, else you can go and get sad over my statement. Happy? ... :P

When we give or receive in a relationship there are some hormones which are released inside our brain. They are released when we are happy and because we are happy (Google a bit for scientific proof). We are do things in a relationship not because we are someone's maid but because we care about the other person. And for the person we care less there is a sense of social responsibility because we don't want to end up in an old age home when we get old. I think you get what am referring to.

Yes, your line: "And please don’t call the maids duties as ‘responsibilities’ or ‘expression of love’. Let’s be honest. "

You get what you give, right?

Now why do women's duties are supposed to be more home oriented than men's? There are reasons. One of the reason is history. We have lived in a world that was more sustainable and green for most of the time in history of mankind ( read less technology) and hence most of the work was done through man power ( muscle power ). And hence our societal structure. Its a bit indirect but apply some brain why I said so.

Now why is there a need to keep the structure same when we have all the technology in place so that women can do all the work that men can do? There is really very minimal need now. Just that you will need to figure out a whole new structure by yourself and teach the same to everyone else the system and symbiosis will break down( in-case you do that ).

And you really need not worry about the structure and traditions. They are changing each and everyday, at a slow pace so that no one makes a fuss. By the second law of thermodynamics every system tends towards a state of equilibrium and same applies to the society and civilizations ( why do this apply, can be proved by method of contradiction, try yourself). Its included in our practical course of evolution.

So my point was, women should take pride in themselves and their duties. There is a great saying by someone really really great,
~ "Pain is inevitable but suffering is." ~

So a man can also suffer by bearing the pain in his heart that he burned all his life working for his family and now its time to die. So the people of this world, rise above such small thinking. Enjoy the journey and make the most of every moment.

What say??

And that guy in story needs to relax a bit, move on and enjoy life. Too easy as it sounds but no options left for him, just realize and move on.

P.S: Sorry if I was rude somewhere, that was not the intention. Cheers :)

P.P.S: Another proverb I read somewhere:
~ "Happy woman is a myth" ~
... sorry, but it was really funny .. and is it true?? ... just wondering .... :P ;)

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