I was calm
In my life, warm
Alone yet happy
Counter strike, movies in my lappy
She came as wind
I felt her presence
Thought of her, for moment
She was at the fence
I theft a glimpse
Then got back to films
In college our eyes met
I felt happy, but far I sat
One day, in beautiful dawn
I was sitting in the lawn
She came to me, said “hii”
See how beautiful is the sky
I was stunned, feelings shined
My words became “rhyming lines”
She became my life
My smiles, my dreams
She too said to me
“Without you my heart screams “
From roses to teddies
From walks to dates
We were together
We were true mates
Time changed, I never knew
She found flaws in me, more than few
Kisses changed to shout
Hugs into fights
I was restless, hung-over, out
Used to cry whole nights
Another day with tears
I walked to her, with fears
Saw her in window
Into arms of someone, on her toe
I was shattered, I got wrecked
Searched for my mistake
Searched what I lacked
In few days from that
I watched movie of jerry the rat
I saw my smiles coming back
Then I took my diary out of the rack
Wrote my feelings, dumped my grief
With last tear on last word, I got my belief
Smiled hard, forgot all my sorrow
Noticed in the nest, a baby sparrow
With wings open, she was trying to fly
And I got my faith back, looked the sky
Put the diary back,
Listened my favourite sound track
Then took out my lappy
Yippee, I am again happy

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