There is a secret joy,
The reason I don't know why.
I wake up at the break of dawn,
And I'm not sleepy nor do I yawn.
I go out for a walk,
For with nature I've a secret talk.
Those first rays of the sun hit the earth,
Bringing with it so much mirth.
The birds begin their melodious song,
Compel me to sing along.
The wind blows the hair off my face,
I'm so in love with this place.
There is joy all around,
The one that can never be elsewhere found.
I'm living in the moment,
This to me is God sent.
I bet this feeling is the best,
There is no comparison with the rest.
My face is lit up with a smile,
And it is going to stay there for a long while!

Tags: Joy, Happiness, Nature

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