"It contradicts all your experience of the past." Said the stranger looking at the book's title I couldn't even barely understand.
 "I don't have the right mind to understand this book. Beg your pardon sir, I cant quite see myself reading a book as this one." I said trying to be polite as possible.
 "I am not talking about the books.. You see, I am referring to the person you are pretending to be." Replied the stranger with a smile. "Its clear as day.".
 The fact that stranger could pick that up staggered me. He was right I wasn't being who I truly was. I was put on an overdose, from a drug called "Growing up"... laugh less. Think before you speak. Be polite. Respect all. Do only that needs to be done. What I wanted to do? it only ruins you. I had taken it alright. A lot of it. I slipped it into my body with a drink called "Maturity" (as per named by the society standards), for a disease called  happiness and being self. The society was a the god I looked up to. It was all good. Except that the god I was forced to follow, was greatly flawed. The man was right about that, but what did he know about me anyway. More of all, how was he right about it in the first place?
 "Maybe." Said the confused me with an awkward look. Being a man of introvert interests, I tried to escape the scene of this senile old man in a black suit.
"Trying to run away from the truth as always? I wonder how could you run away from your own desire?" Asked the old man. Putting me into puzzles I hated. "Take a closer look at me, for I am but your humble desire itself, but a desire as that of an old man!".
  Like a dozen of locks being opened at once, I could see that in him now. But what was I doing in a book store in the first place? , I never had any near me. When did I ever leave my room? A dream? Yes it had to be one. A glanced at the old man cleared it off. It was me alright. One question fought its way out of me all of a sudden. "Why are you old?".
 "Well you tell me. You and I both know now at this point, that I am merely a representation of your self." said the figure with a sigh "I cant help it. You are exhausted like an old man. I am driven to the dreams that you built for us , but in a verge of finding maturity and getting every one to respect you and like you, you exhausted all of your desire's youth and strength!".
 "It was necessary. After all its all that matters." I said. The imaginations are getting more and more realistic these days. Maybe because my feeling and the inner self is trying to reach out to me. "Its all unknown to me. What are the chances of having all of them after achieving my goals? Wouldn't I be left alone with my dream and nothing else? Besides its all a part of my dream, its the kind of the person I want to be.".
 "Priorities. Bk, you already know where you are wrong. You are just afraid of believing in good probabilities. All your past experiences have turned you into a sceptical person.We both know the answer to that question. We both know where you went wrong. The point is, you are still on the journey. if you could make me strong enough, I am happy to drive you to your dreams. And who knows, the same dream if achieved, might change you into the person you want to be. After all, you are what your journey makes of you." said the old geezer. But there was something different about him now, he had turned but younger now. looking at my puzzled face he continued."Let me tell you something about ourselves...the desire. We are immortal. Even if your body dies we get passed down to other people, we are the prime driving factors for all the dreamers and achievers. You see we have the power to make a legend of a man and even the contrary. But, We are as strong as you make us. And hence, all you need to do is make me strong enough so that I can drive you to your destiny.".
   He was right. I was tired without even giving it a run. All I ever did was whining and blaming, even though I knew it was wrong, I didn't fight it hard enough. Would it be alright? Would it be fine if I just believe that everything will be alright? even after all I had done in the past? Should I really trust this path to make it all better? I turned to him again, his looks made it all clear answering all the questions. There was no old man anymore, nor any elderly. It was just me in the same suit, strong and confident than before. An epitome of everything I desparately wanted to be, staring back at me with a gentle smile.
 "Its a long way to go." I said with a happy tearing up eyes.
 "Then we better start quick." He said, smiling as always.

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