The wind was blowing strands of my hair all over my face.I could not see what lay beyond me as my vision was blurred due to tears.I was enveloped by darkness as I knelt down.Pain ripped through my heart and began thudding at a sprinter's pace.My palms began sweating even in this chilling winter.My mind began to swarm with the past memories even as I tried hard to push it back.

I had been extremely happy that day.I had finally managed to enter the university of my dreams.It would not have been possible without my best friend-my brother who always was by my side in thick and thin.Finally after having managed to fullfill my goal I wanted to first break this news to my brother.I wanted to shout my heart out and hug him as soon as I saw him.When I did reach home only to find horde of people gathered around it.I had my heart in my mouth when the revelation hit me that something would have gone bad.I ran into my home with lightning speed.My house was really crowded.There was a sudden hush as many unknown eyes registered my arrival.I saw sympathy and pity in them.I could feel the sudden tension welling up in my body."Nothing can go wrong Milli!!just keep calm.Its probably a bad dream".That's what I kept telling myself, unknown of the calamity that had already struck.

And there were my parents, squatted in the middle surrounded by some familiar people.Both looked as if they had lost their purpose
of life.My mother's eyes lay transfixed as if gazing into emptiness.Her hair which was normally pulled into a bun was now askew.Her eyes were bloodshot.My instinctive reaction was to put a comforting arm around her.Her skin felt hot against my palms.I asked her soothingly "Mom whats wrong??".She looked lost and was still looking in the same direction as before.I turned to my father.His eyes were puffed up.His forehead was lined with sharp creases.I asked him "What happened to mom?".His eyes started welling up.He spoke as if it took him all his strength to do so."Ishaan..".A huge lump formed in his throat and his eyes started watering .He finally broke down arms around me as if needing all my strength.He finally said "Ishaan was killed in a plane crash.."
My mind had been so engrossed that I had failed to notice that it had started drizzling.It seemed as if even nature was crying for my loss.I hadn't realized how much my knees were hurting kneeling on that stony path.I faced the sky and let the rain wash away my tears.It felt heavenly as if nature understood my pain.I
gathered all my inner strength to stand on my feet and started to walk away.I turned back one last time and bid adieu to my brother's tombstone.

Tags: Fiction

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