Far far ago and once upon a time,
There was a great kingdom known for bread and vine,
There lived a young boy whose father forged swords,
For king and his king’s men the dwellers in accords.
There was also a young princess, whose father was a king,
Far so much he loved his daughter, like he never loved anything.
There was a wise monkey, who said she was a right age,
And now for the king, it’s time to think of her marriage,
For the one who is right, will tie the knot,
And the kingdom will flourish in the fortune allot.
The knot being tied to the one, who is wrong,
The kingdom will be ruined,
Against whom the great king fought.
As the king was thinking he had a second thought,
He thought to let this monkey decide where to tie the knot…......
"anyone wants to know what happened next??"

Tags: Fantasy

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