Where there is no fear, no lies
that's where you live.
Head held high
That's how you want us to survive.
When the world is shattered
Your words come from the depth of heart
You are the truth which heals the hurt.
Such a perfect artist you are
With perfection you mould and make every being
All creature, your characters
The universe, your play.
You are here
Yet I see you not!
You live in hearts, You are the soul
Your single glimpse
would take us abode.
You are the ocean of knowledge
Your smile, the pleasant breeze of kindness
From your eyes, Love flows.
You are the dawn
After a moon-less night
The first shower
After years of drought.
Come to Me!
Fill me till brim with your compassion
Free me from myself
Take me on a tour
Help me be with you
Let me feel you
I want to lose myself
Drown in your immense peacefulness
For once, I want to see
Your tranquility, the serenity
I want to feel your calmness
rushing through my veins.
Burst through my bosom
And take all control.

Into that freedom take me
Where my mind would be led forward by You
into ever-widening thought and action.
Where my Soul would be governed by You
into the eye-widening purity and finality.

Tags: Spirituality

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