It was around 8:45 in the evening. I just stepped out of my coaching classes with my friends. The one with whom I was supposed to go back home, hadn't come that day. As I frantically looked for an auto to take me back home, I saw my friends head to a shop nearby. When asked, they told me they were going to buy Rakhis for their brothers,as, it was Raksha Bandhan the next day.

Unbidden, the memories of celebrations of the festival came to my mind.
"Roila..where is my Rakhi?? Dont you know that only if you tie me a Rakhi will I protect you?" I remembered my brother's teasing voice.

I had said, " First my gift, then your Rakhi!!"

I see him holding out a Guitar shaped keychain with the photo of a boy holding a little girl in his arms engraved on it. "Just like this boy", he said, pointing to the keychain, "I will protect you and hold you in my arms forever and forever" I remember hugging him and shedding a tear or two.
I managed to get an auto, and sat in a corner, removing the bag from my shoulders and keeping it by my side. I see the keychain hanging from the zip of my bag, shining in the moonlight.

It was no more than a memorabilia of the wonderful times we spent together, me and my brother. Romit his name was. Cricket and football were all his life consisted of. He loved playing them both and learning more about the players. He dreamt of wearing the Indian jersey one day and of guiding India to a World Cup win. He had said when India lifted the world cup in 2011, " I want to shine like a star, be everlasting like them"

But, alas, his dreams were cruelly cut short. A dreadful disease had taken him away from us. But, he lives in our hearts for ever.

I felt the cool breeze blowing against my face, as the auto sped past the trees dancing with the wind. I felt a warm tear running down my cheek as I looked at the stars twinkling in the sky. I could see one of them that shone that brightest and instantly knew who it was.

It was Romit and he was smiling at me, as if to say, " See, I had told you I would shine like a star!"

I looked at it, wiping the tear off my cheek, and said to him, "I love you Romit bhaiya..and I am missing you a lot!"

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