There is something about obscurity you see., Like a child clinging to his/her mother, I often find myself comfortably denying the world of my existence. Holding on tight, looking at the outside world with those scared eyes of mine. I knew what it had to offer. I knew it very well. A devil with a candy was all I could think of when I saw them. Its often the case when life attracts people to wards it and away from the obscurity using its candy. Many a times people are blinded by the taste of the candy very few understands the value of it. But in the end they all end up leaving their obscurities and embrace the devil, either surprised or prepared. It matters not you see, the fear, the pleasure, or anything else for that matter. In the end either a person faces the devil after eating the candy or earns the candy after facing the devil, the balance is imminent. Life is naughty. Even if one decides to stay with their obscurity, it does everything in its power to make sure one gets out of the shell. Making candy look bigger and more delicious is one way. But even more efficient and effective method is to  make him/her hungry, that way even if the candy is small the child starts to walk towards it. I was hungry. Very hungry. Perhaps its for our own good. Despite of all the comforts obscurity has to offer, it certainly fails to help us while we are in trouble. Well in my case, For a candy called dreams and desires, I too ran like a kid, knowingly into the devil's arms. Waiting for that candy. Still waiting..waiting..
     I watch her from the corners of my eyes sometimes. Waiting for me to get back to her with open arms. But sometimes we walk so far from our past, that it becomes impossible to return back. After all the journey and fight we have been through, Obscurity now feels utterly empty. I cant help but smile at her every now and then. After all she was the one who let me observer and learn my basics before I left off. My silly little obscurity.


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